Online articles

Proximity interpreting: Day-to-day policing and delivering access for deaf citizens. Skinner, R. May 2018. policing insight.com.

Proximity interpreting: day-to-day policing and delivering access for deaf citizens. Skinner, R. February 2018. Scottish Institute for Policing Research. https://blog.dundee.ac.uk/sipr/2018/02/proximity-interpreting-day-to-day-policing-and-delivering-access-for-deaf-citizens/

Multilingual Policing: International Trends and Issues Boser, U., Monteoliva, E., Napier, J., Skinner, R. & Strani, K., May 2017, Scottish Institute for Policing Research : Annual Report 2016. Scottish Institute for Policing Research, p. 64-65 2 p.

Poster presentation at:

  1. Scottish International Policing Conference: Policing: localism in a globalising world, 10th November 2016.
  2. Symposium on Signed Language
Interpretation and Translation Research
March 31 – April 2, 2017 (USA).
  3. British Society Criminology – Forging Social Justice: Local Challenges, Global Complexities. 4-7th July 2017, Sheffield.

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4. Scottish Graduate School of Social Science finalist at the Research Impact & Knowledge Exchange Competition 2018 14th May 2018

5. World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI) conference, Paris 18th-19th July 2019.

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Presentations (Abstract submission)

  1. IPCITI 2017 – 13th International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting at Heriot-Watt University Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies in Scotland. Translation and Interpreting Technologies: a blessing or a curse? New directions in Translation and Interpreting Studies. 9-10 November 2017. IPCITI 2017 Abstract ANNON
  2. Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR) Postgraduate conference, Edinburgh 15th Dec 2017. SIPR 2017 Abstract ANNON