Police – VRS directory

Directory of video relay services to contact the police.


Police Scotland – ContactScotland. This is a free nationwide video relay service for the Scottish Deaf community.

England & Wales

Greater Manchester Police – click on the link to call Greater Manchester Police (free). For more information about Greater Manchester police service visit: Greater Manchester police ‘SignVideo service

Lancashire Police – click on the link for advice with how to contact Lancashire constabulary (service provided by SignLive).

Leicestershire Police (Deaf Zone) – Sign-up for the free video relay support, assistance offered to deaf people nationwide. Users must sign-up prior to using the service. For more information about Leicestershire Police service visit: Leicestershire Police – Deaf Zone.

Northants Police – click on the link to call Northants Police (free). For more information about Northants service visit: Northants ‘video calling with SignVideo’.